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Welcome to Templeton Municipal Light & Water Plant

The Templeton Municipal Light and Water Plant, as your local public utility, has been providing affordable and reliable electric service to the residents and businesses of Templeton, East Templeton, Baldwinville and Otter River for over 117 years. In addition, the Templeton Municipal Light and Water Plant has been providing a clean and safe public water supply to the Town for over 22 years.

At Templeton Light, we have long been focused on the purchase of inexpensive wholesale electricity for our customers, so that we may keep our operating expenses low, and pass that savings onto our roughly 3,750 electric customers. At Templeton Water, our mission has been to bring into full  compliance with federal and state regulations the Town’s public water supply, while maintaining reasonable rates for our roughly 2,244 water customers.

Beyond our basic duties and responsibilities as a municipal light and water department, we are committed to offering support to projects which benefit the Town as a whole. The Templeton Municipal Light and Water Plant will continue to offer its departmental resources and time to all worthwhile town projects.

Templeton Light’s residential energy efficiency program previously known as Home Energy Loss Prevention Services (HELPS) is now NextZero. NextZero’s mission is to provide the most efficient, innovative and equitable path to energy decarbonization, and help the Commonwealth reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050. To find out more, visit

Templeton Light has INCREASED rebates for ductless mini-split heat pumps!

TMLP customers can now get a rebate of $625 for single-zone ductless mini-split heat pumps and $1,250 for multi-zone units (see flyer for energy efficiency standards and other requirements) Nextzero Heat Pump Application With Oil and Gas prices at all-time highs, now is the time to switch to an efficient cold climate heat pump! Heat pumps are heating and cooling devices that allow homeowners the flexibility of sectioning their houses into zones with separate thermostats. Homeowners can direct the heat or cool air into the specific rooms that need it, saving money while conserving energy.
Heat pumps typically use 50% less energy than traditional heating methods. Because of their compact size, they are easy to install, and offer a quick track to savings on your heating bill. To learn more about how heat pumps work and how they can save you money on heating and cooling, visit: Air-Source Heat Pumps – Massachusetts Clean Energy Center Click on the pdf below for more information: Nextzero Heat Pump Application


This report highlights TMLWP’s focus on sustainability along three dimensions: environmental, social, and governance/community engagement. These facets are central to TMLWP’s mission of providing affordable, reliable, and clean energy in a transparent and accountable way.

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