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Templeton Water Conservation Tips:
Conservation and Leak Detection

Water is a precious and limited resource and should not be wasted. Water
Conservation reduces the need for developing new water sources and storage
Facilities, protects ponds, lakes, streams and wetlands, and witch it can save you money.

Here are some Water Conservation Tips for inside and outside of your property.

Indoor use
An average person uses 50-75 gallons of water in a day here is how to use less.
Fix leaks
192 gallons a month: wasted by a dripping faucet.
30 to 500 gallons a day: loss from leaking toilet.

12 gallons per : load used by old dishwasher.6 gallons per load new dishwasher.
3.6 gallons per flush : old toilet, 1.6 per flush new toilet.
Change habits
3 gallons per day: saved if you turn off the tap while brushing your teeth.
5 gallons : saved by cutting a shower short by two minutes.

Outdoor Use
150 gallons: saved each time someone sweeps instead of hosing down sidewalks and driveways.
40-80 gallons: used by washing car at home if the hose runs the whole time.
40 gallons a day : saved if irrigation has a rain gage for weather.
25 gallons a day : saved if watering is done before 9 am or after 5 pm.
33 percent : average water savings if lawn is replaced with drought adapted plants.

Note : savings are approximate.
For more information about water conservation, please click on and open the PDF's linked, below.  
  Leaks Cost You Money - PDF Format

Best Ways To Save In The Bathroom - PDF Format
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